Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yes, thats my toothbrush

YES that is my toothbrush. YES that is the kitchen floor.....and YES, that is a cricket"bug" that Camille is "getting". NO, I haven't used my toothbrush since.

In Logan we had the Hobo spiders that chased us down (seriously) and hid in our shoes. We would go on Spider hunts with our neighbors (and friends) for FHE night around the duplex that we shared. I must admit that I don't miss the spiders. But here in Vegas we have the cricket challenge. Every fall they invade our house. Camille has recently started to help us catch the bugs. One day I looked around the corner to see her with toilet paper spread from the bathroom down the hall. I thought she was just making a mess but when I asked her what she was doing she pointed down to the ground and said "Bug". She then chased the cricket is some pics of the bug catching action!

So it may be winter for some of you, but yesterday at the park I noticed that the leaves were FINALLY starting to change color and a few were even falling to the ground. I did stop wearing capris right before Thanksgiving because somehow it felt wrong to be wearing them in November. Sam is busy in finals and all of my brothers will be happy to know that I am busy making your Almond Toffee and peanut brittle for Christmas. I have made a whole batch for David and Darren!
Since I am a slacker, here are some random pics of the last couple of months.

Sam and Camille havin fun at the Deer Hunt!
Camille's first Carnival ride. The man doing the rides was kindof a grinch but Camille had fun anyways!

Here's Jack and Camille at Halloween. They didn't really get it.....but they liked the candy. Thanks Darren and Diana for letting us use Azelyn's costume. We loved it!

This was a little traveling petting zoo in our local casino's parking lot....hey, its the best we can do here. Camille had fun and thats all that matters!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun with Daddy

Why does she have to be a dare-devil?

Did you think to pray?

We went to a little park with play houses yesterday. Diana was in town and we enjoyed spending time with her, Azelyn, and Ryder. The girls were playing in this little play house and when Camille sat in her chair she folded her arms to pray. I had a "Ahhh" moment. It makes you realize how much they really are paying attention even when they are so young!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Catching Up...

I have been such a slacker! Here's a little update on the last couple of months....

Camille turned ONE- Happy Birthday!
We were able to celebrate her birthday up in Utah over Labor day weekend. It was hard to believe a year had already passed by! She wasn't interested in her cake at all......she didn't take a single bite or even make a mess with it. This is pretty much as close as she got to it...silly girl.

Camille or Azelyn??
Okay, we had to post this picture cause we think she looks like her cousin Azelyn in it. See the resemblance? By the way.....Camille is talking too. We can't get through a store without her saying hi or bye to EVERY single person we pass and she expects a response from them too.

Getting into EVERYTHING!!

We have our hands full! Is it really possible to have more than one child? Oh, and she just started walking too...I feel like she should be wearing full body protection (helmet, knee pads,etc.) since she started walking. Luckily, I had her pictures taken a couple of days before she started because it seems like she is getting bumps and bruises every day----she isn't being very careful about it.

We have been in Utah alot lately. This is our last trip....we took Camille on her first 4-wheel ride around the house. Sam enjoyed a weekend of hunting and I got to relax!

Camille Can Walk

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Strippers......oops I mean Stripers

Las Vegas is probably more known for it's strippers than it's stripers. If fact, it must be the most "Fish Forsaken" place in the world but we have finally figured out how to catch some nice stripers down below Hoover Dam.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shower Please!

Tonight I was finishing up some chores and I turned to Camille and said "Do you want to take a bath or a shower?" She made a bee-line down the hall, into the bathroom, and started banging on the shower door......This is not a Bailey tall happened exactly like that. She loves splashing around and squirting herself with the shower head!