Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yes, thats my toothbrush

YES that is my toothbrush. YES that is the kitchen floor.....and YES, that is a cricket"bug" that Camille is "getting". NO, I haven't used my toothbrush since.

In Logan we had the Hobo spiders that chased us down (seriously) and hid in our shoes. We would go on Spider hunts with our neighbors (and friends) for FHE night around the duplex that we shared. I must admit that I don't miss the spiders. But here in Vegas we have the cricket challenge. Every fall they invade our house. Camille has recently started to help us catch the bugs. One day I looked around the corner to see her with toilet paper spread from the bathroom down the hall. I thought she was just making a mess but when I asked her what she was doing she pointed down to the ground and said "Bug". She then chased the cricket is some pics of the bug catching action!

So it may be winter for some of you, but yesterday at the park I noticed that the leaves were FINALLY starting to change color and a few were even falling to the ground. I did stop wearing capris right before Thanksgiving because somehow it felt wrong to be wearing them in November. Sam is busy in finals and all of my brothers will be happy to know that I am busy making your Almond Toffee and peanut brittle for Christmas. I have made a whole batch for David and Darren!
Since I am a slacker, here are some random pics of the last couple of months.

Sam and Camille havin fun at the Deer Hunt!
Camille's first Carnival ride. The man doing the rides was kindof a grinch but Camille had fun anyways!

Here's Jack and Camille at Halloween. They didn't really get it.....but they liked the candy. Thanks Darren and Diana for letting us use Azelyn's costume. We loved it!

This was a little traveling petting zoo in our local casino's parking lot....hey, its the best we can do here. Camille had fun and thats all that matters!


The Bailey's said...

love all the pics, she is so dang cute! Isabel picked up a spider that david squished the other day. I scared her to death cause I let out a scream cause I was so grossed out. At least we don't have to worry about our girls being too big of pansies!

Winn Family said...

AHHHH, Camille is soo soo soo adorable!!! About Vegas---HOW DID I FORGET YOU LIVED THERE? That's lame--I'm sorry, but just know if EVER you're in Augusta Georgia--we'll totally hook you up with dinner and a nice place to stay :) I love reading your blog--you still have that awesome coley humor that I LOVE! miss you!

Bryndee Slade said...

Hey, I wanna make some toffee! I need your recipe. What you been up to busy girl?

Brad and Emilee said...

It's about time you got some more pics up! Camille is so stinkin' cute. I love her tights. It was so fun to see her walking. I'm excited to see you guys next week. It will be a full house, but lots of fun.

Trevor and Amy said...

I miss those hobo hunting days. (Well, I don't miss the hobo's but I do miss having you as neighbors!) Move back here, dang it! We haven't had a lot of hobo's at our house, but I see them occasionally and we definitely attack them! So how is school going? I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! We miss you guys!

Darren and Diana said...

The chicken costume looks soo cute on her!

Brittin said...

Hi Sam! I was so excited when I saw your blog. I love that we can all keep up on each others lives through blogs..
Your daughter is so so cute.. How do you like living in Vegas? I bet the weather is so nice.
My husband will be at your school tomorrow for an interview, so keep your eye out. :) I'm going to show him a pic of you so he'll be lookin for ya..
I hope you and your family are all doing good.. Talk to ya later..